“Cycles of Time” by the When Available Worldwide November 4

On October 25, 2013

“Cycles of Time” by the When Available Worldwide November 4

Limited edition cassette comes with free digital download

New York based producer/artist Matthew Kourie’s signature style is back on the When‘s “Cycles of Time”, available worldwide on November 4. The three-track EP features the reincarnated direction of Kourie’s original demos with a progressively different edge. In the When, he fuses nostalgic dark synth-tronics with grand 80’s movie scores, and seamlessly stitches alternative rock and electro-pop for a unique but infectious sound. “Cycles of Time”, originally the name of a track on “the When project” (2000), is a musical adventure into The Living Story of the When, showcasing Kourie’s innate ability to break genre boundaries. The Dept Records is also releasing the EP on limited edition cassette (with free digital download). Visit the-when.com for more details.

“Cycles of Time” features a newly mastered version of fan favorite “The Wishing Well”, along with two new tracks “Let It Go” and “I’m A Universe”. Sonically, “Cycles of Time” is a mashup of Kourie’s influences from 80s dance to modern electronic-rock, and delivers his ultimate message of turning pain into power. “Let It Go” is an epic ride that captures the vexing woes of betrayal. Its emotional range is displayed in the personal lyrics and is fueled by versatile vocals, futuristic synthesizers and heavy, blazing guitars. “I’m A Universe” highlights Kourie’s talent for voice over and character building, but also introduces the main character of The Living Story, Alex Wonder, pictured on the album artwork. Alex Wonder is a character from Kourie’s recurring dreams as a child who embodies his philosophies on dreams, deju vu, and destiny.

the When isn’t just about the music to creator, Matthew Kourie, its a “living, breathing life force”. This force is just starting to expand with the release of “Cycles of Time” and the journey of The Living Story plays out daily to over 3,000 eager Instagram fans, dubbed the “dreamers”. Kourie shares his hard earned perspectives in inspirational posts called “When Moments” that the dreamers have embraced and share widely on the platform.

“Cycles of Time” the new EP by the When available worldwide November 4. Limited edition cassette with free download fof the full EP, available now!

For more information on the When point your browser to http://the-when.com

For your copy of “Cycles of Time” chat time with Matthew or art contact:
Melanie Rodriguez | info@thedeptrecords.com