Lyrics: “Let It Go”

On November 9, 2013

“Let It Go” Written By Matthew Kourie

Letting go
Of the the things
That you left behind
True love
Hold me close
And gaze into the moonlight
I know you like it
Silly girl and the dreams
Of the paranoid
Oh wave goodbye
You found someone to replace me
Before you even left
You’re world was crumbling around you
When you took the backlash
You’re really all on your own
Pretending to be in love
Well your daddy’s calling you home
He’s all of your faith
All of your worth
All of your gold
And all of your time
Silly girl
Have your dreams all been torn apart
Don’t worry about it
Lonely boy
And the things that you left behind
When he was aware of all she was
Your body is filled with emotion
Sensual to touch
But deceptive by your design
You’re a miracle killer
You’re really under control
Pretending you’ve worked things out
But who made the bed that you lay in
With all of your faith
All of your worth
All of your gold and
All of your time
All of my life
Let it go
Lonely boy
Silly girl have your d
© 2013 Matthew Kourie Productions ℗ The Dept. Records
reams all been torn apart