The Dept Records Introduces New Single By theWhen

On June 26, 2013

“The Wishing Well” Available on ITunes, Amazon & More

Free download at

The Dept Records has released “The Wishing Well”, the latest single from decade-spanning, genre-bending act theWhen. The track is available for free download now at theWhen is artist/producer/ songwriter, Matthew Kourie’s creative project, formed back in 2000 after departing from Long Island metal core/hard rock band R22. Self described as “living breathing life force” theWhen encompasses a combination of Kourie’s passions from music to philosophy. “The Wishing Well” is an introduction to the evolutionary expansion of theWhen’s heavy but melodic edge, fused with nostalgic dark synth-tronics and an industrial foundation that gives alternative rock and synth-pop a seamless sonic stitching. A progressively different, yet familiar stance from the hard rock/nu-metal compositions of the project’s beginning.

Written about a relationship from a two-fold perspective, the track explores desperation from an expectation of life that depends on another, “It’s like throwing yourself in a wishing well and waiting for that person to pull you out,” says Kourie. While the other side of a life in cruise control “doing things at your pace and in your time… while someone else is still holding the line in a kind of love that’s trying to meet somewhere in the middle or in the future”. Sonically, “The Wishing Well” mashes up Kourie’s influences from 80s dance to modern electronic music with a solid rock foundation to create a completely unique but familiar, infectious sound. Stream the track here:

theWhen allows Kourie the freedom to create the sounds he was imagining conceptually and technologically. “If I feel like throwing in contemporary piano rock over an industrial beat with seven string guitars… it goes into the mix. The only guideline is that, I like it. I want to take every experience and quirk I have, to make the songs alive with character and groove with movement. I never record anything unless it comes back into my mind and I’ve become addicted to it.” This track is just the beginning, as Kourie continues to finish up tracks that will complete a full-length release later this year.

theWhen isn’t just music to creator, Matthew Kourie, but a force from which to output his creativity. “This is an exhilarating experience for me because beyond making music and melodies that I personally relate with through a creative and technical process. It’s also an awakening of my spirit and connection with the universe, which I dig as well and makes life that much more fantastic in my eyes.”

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