the When’s Matt Kourie Sings “Smile” by Charlie Chaplin

On October 9, 2013

Matthew Kourie of the When shares this raw and beautiful rendition of his hero Charlie Chaplin’s song “Smile”.

“Charlie Chaplin was my childhood hero. He still is. It took me a long time to realize that smiling was a choice, not an emotion. But for some reason when you do…you just look and feel better. This song and its wisdom is not simply a piece of advice…It is a way of life. I wanted to sing it in a way that would honor the significance of the words. To choose to smile is to choose to be happy, to choose to be a light in the dark. When you smile at someone..they smile back and that good feeling inspires us to do good for each other and for ourselves. It is the simplest human act that inspires kindness and it is one of our greatest gifts. To smile is to bring more love into the world and to generate goodness and sweetness. To smile is to willfully choose to be happy and that choice is more powerful than any negative force in the universe.”