theWhen (project) Remastered

On December 12, 2012

theWhen_project_covertheWhen is a conceptual music project – a personal, creative and philosophical outlet for audio architect, Matthew Kourie. It continues to change throughout time. As Kourie describes, “Its a creative outlet that I filter whatever I am currently feeling or thinking into. It just happens to be coming out as music right now but there are many unopened doors in the labyrinth of the When.”

“theWhen (project) Remastered”, released Nov 20, 2012 by The Dept Records, was originally recorded back in 2000. After spending many years working to get collaborative projects off the ground, Kourie, at 19yrs old, ventured out on his own, utilizing his songwriting abilities and fully assuming the role of producer. Finally being able to bring his writing into its full vision, without having material modified for purposes other than what was best for the song. “It allowed me to indulge in composing on multiple levels and experience how the recording and mixing engineer affects the creative process and final product.”

The result was “theWhen (project)”, a four-song demo, self-released and copied on to CDRs. Limited to two hundred and fifty pieces, it was only given out to select friends, family and fans. Reception of “theWhen (project)” was overwhelmingly positive and inspired Kourie to expand his knowledge of recording and producing techniques. He left his hometown, past bands and headed to San Francisco to study audio production. During that time and in the years to follow, theWhen CDs would continue to circulate.  Without realizing it, Kourie had put together a collection of songs that would take on a life of its own. Even after Kourie returned to Long Island, NY, and started working on other projects, fans that received the original demo always seemed to resurface with strong enthusiasm and love for the songs. They expressed an emotional connection to the honest lyrics, inspired musical style, and while completely in its infancy, a delivery that was genuine and heartfelt.

“People would say that they felt so passionate about the songs and that it reached them on an emotional level. I truly felt I was sharing a bond with them… a special connection,” recallsKourie. That connection resonated with The Dept Records owner, Melanie Rodriguez, an original recipient of the demo who worked with Kourie in 2000 to copyright the collection. In 2010, the two reunited after 10 years and vowed to release this work. Two years later, “theWhen (project) Remastered” was released. The original tracks have been re-energized, bringing out the best sounds of the instruments. An unreleased track, “Falling Out,” was added to complete the collection and give fans something new to enjoy.

Revisiting and revitalizing these early tracks, along with completion of music from his other projects, energized Kourie to begin working on new material for this creative outlet. I finally had the right emotional push to take things into my own hands….at that precise moment of realization…I said out loud, ‘I guess this is the When’….I stopped and asked myself, ‘did I just say, the When?’….and I knew through and through that I would be making my own path in music and that it would start with this gateway release.”